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Surgery affects everyone differently depending on age, but complications can affect all. Even physical therapy (PT) at times can be harsh on people, more so with age. For assisted ambulation, look no further than us for your in-home health aide agencies in South Florida.

What is Ambulation?

Despite how many people have surgery and go through physical therapy, many still take longer to recovery and risk hampered movement due to inactivity afterward. One of the best ways to improve your condition is to walk it off.

Ambulation, or walking without any assistance, is taken for granted by many worldwide. However, it really shouldn’t be as accidents can result in paralysis. We care deeply about your ambulation goal and will be for you to lean on along the way, whether it’s walking or rolling, we are here to make sure you can do it.

How Ambulation Helps

People often stay bed-ridden or sitting for longer than necessary when they are trying to recover. This leads to many adverse side effects such as weakness, gas buildup, and even constipation. To avoid these, all you need to do is exercise. In addition to preventing those side effects, ambulation has several benefits, including:

  • Maintaining muscle mass
  • Improving strength
  • Increasing oxygen levels in your blood
  • Lowering inflammation

Muscles are among the first parts of your body to suffer after surgery. Muscles need to be used, or they atrophy. Muscle atrophy is the condition where muscles waste away, leading to weakness and difficulty walking.

On average, men over 30 experience up to 5% muscle loss per decade as they age. This roughly equates to a total loss of about 30% throughout their lifetime. Pair that with the loss after surgery, and the percentage only climbs.

Surgery leads to muscle loss at an exacerbated rate due to it triggering the release of cortisol. Cortisol is said to bind itself to muscle receptors, therefore leading to muscle deterioration. A better way of combating this, rather than using testosterone injections, is by ambulation with home aides.

Goals of Ambulation

Everyone’s goal and timeline are different, but we will be there each step of the way. Our mission is to assist you to the state you were in before surgery. Ambulation does not necessarily mean exercise, as it can including walking, sitting, or standing. In essence, this is a safe way of keeping you out of bed after surgery.

While we would like to see everyone move freely without assistance, sometimes that isn’t possible. Our services will help you transition to assisted maneuvering or help you ease back into it on your own. Such aid in this manner includes:

  • Walkers
  • Crutches
  • Canes
  • Wheelchairs (manual or powered)

How We Make a Difference

Our staff is highly trained in their craft and understands the consequences of improperly assisted ambulating or transferring. If you’re a senior after surgery, you really should be professionally assisted to avoid any setbacks caused by injury.

For the Best Home Health Aide Agencies South Florida

If you’ve just had surgery or are going through physical therapy, remember to safely stay active.

Our trained team has helped many others; now, let us assist you. For the next steps, contact us today!

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