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Your Care Team

Aging Allies strives to refer the best of the best for exceptional services. That can only be achieved by having the best team working for you. We always go one step further by offering solutions, where we take the time to ensure your loved one is matched with a caregiver who fits their needs and individuality.

Your care team consists of YOU, your family and one or more of the following disciplines.

CNAs and HHAs, often called nursing assistants, are responsible for assisting patients with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. These can be duties that are completed daily such as bathing, dressing, help with ambulation, meal preparation and feeding, reminding of medications, and more.

The RN and LPN are responsible for the patients' clinical records. This will include coordinating with physicians, caregivers, and family. They are also responsible for maintaining a plan of care. So, as your needs change, the plan of care will be evaluated and updated

Advocates & Care Managers

  • Accompany to medical appointments or stay bedside in the hospital.
  • Help you learn more about medical condition and treatment options.
  • Help make difficult medical decisions.
  • Review prescriptions and medications to be sure there are no conflicts.
  • Obtain pain management techniques.
  • Help develop end-of-life planning and paperwork like living wills, DNRs or other advance directives.
  • Help navigate the insurance maze.
  • Help file health insurance claims, dispute denials, and manage or reduce your hospital and medical bills.
  • Help family come to agreement on decisions that need to be made for a loved one who needs health-related assistance.
  • Find legal assistance after a medical error.
  • Track paperwork and records.
  • Help file for social security disability or other assistance.
  • Help with shopping or ordering.
  • Assess current situation.
  • Make recommendations for improvements of health or living environment.
  • Safety evaluation.
  • Nutrition evaluation.
  • And more….

When it becomes clear that an older person is no longer able to live alone entirely unassisted, the person and family members may be unsure of what services are available in the community to help. They may wonder how to obtain community services. A geriatric care manager can help.Most professional care managers have experience in either nursing or social work. Many have special training in issues involving eldercare. Their job is to assess a client's individual needs, then match those needs with services available in the community.

A care manager will usually begin a client relationship by doing an assessment of the client's health status, living situation, and needs. In the course of an interview, many things are evaluated, such as physical, medical, and mental condition, along with legal, financial, and government benefits. Housing, family, social situation, and the activities of daily living are also evaluated. A written report of this assessment is provided, with recommendations as to services available to meet identified needs.

If the client and family wish, the care manager can arrange for the needed services, and provide follow-up care and monitoring to ensure that necessary services are being effectively and professionally delivered. We also make sure that the client's needs are being met over an extended period of time. If moving to an assisted living or nursing facility is appropriate, a care manager can help in identifying and evaluating the various options available.

When caregiving starts to get complicated, care managers are a great resource to manage and balance several issues. They can implement assistance and keep multiple family members updated. They can serve as a surrogate for long-distance caregivers. They can also help with family communication, meetings, settling disagreements. They also serve as an advocate in dealing with health care, insurance plans, and so forth.

Homemakers & Companions:
The Homemakers and Companions are responsible for maintaining the home in the optimum state of cleanliness and safety, including such duties as preparation of meals, laundry, and shopping. They also perform casual, cosmetic assistance, such as brushing the client’s hair, assisting with make-up, and filing and polishing nails, along with stabilizing the client when walking, as needed, by holding the their arm or hand.

All these disciplines are responsible to report to the office any unusual incidents or changes in the patient’s or client’s behavior to the person(s) designated by the client.

They are also responsible to report to the State of Florida if they suspect abuse, neglect, exploitation or Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

Once we complete their registration and have established what cities, hours, and pay they prefer, we then discuss some client scenarios. We review the plan, client objectives, and goals. We also answer any questions or concerns they may have.

How YOU are Part of Your Care Team

When you reach out to us, you will have direct contact with an independent care manager. The care manager will listen to your challenges and will find the solutions that will meet you or your loved ones needs.

The care manager will schedule a free home assessment that includes meeting the client and family. We create a plan that includes the client’s objectives and goals, establishing a schedule that fits the client and family's needs. Then we get to know who YOU are.

The care manager will also do a home safety assessment. They will make any verbal recommendations that will allow the client and family to be safe. They can also assess for financing assistance.

You will then discuss when you want to start care. Your consultant will contact the office and update the client services coordinator.  The plan, client objectives, and goals are discussed, as well as the preferred personality that will work best for the respect and dignity our clients deserve.

You may make any requests at any time, such as changing the caregiver or your schedule. Changes will occur and we are there to update the client and family's plan, objectives, and goals whenever necessary.

Cindy Brown


Cindy has over  20 years of direct experience focusing on the needs of older adults, caregivers, and family members. She has an impeccable reputation for providing comprehensive care and services and has helped numerous families across the United States.
She has a bachelors in Social Work, is a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist and Provider, earned her case management certificate at Boston University  and is a Professional Guardian.

Lori Lindsay, LPN

​Care Manager

Lori has over 30 years of experience in nursing. Over 25 of those years Lori was at St. Mary’s hospital and in 2015 she began practicing in Geriatric’s home care and care management services.

Patricia Carlino, RN

Care Manager

Jacki Connor

Care Coordinator | Care Manager

David Starr

Finance Dept.

Lisa Mariott

Community Relations

Mary Miller, RN

Care Manager

Kristin Hubbard, RN

Care Manager

Kaylyn Starr, MA

Executive Assistant/Care Manager

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