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Don’t let those dirty clothes derail your retirement years! There are many ways people of all ages can injure themselves doing ordinary, everyday tasks. Did you know that 15% of injuries happen while doing chores? We’ve geared our assortment of services to keep you happy and healthy. That’s why we provide in-home care for seniors in Palm Beach!

Laundry Assistance

Laundry is one of those things that just never ends; each passing day, the accumulation grows. Laundry accidents happen more often than you may think. A study showed that in the seven years leading up to 2000, nearly 500 people injured themselves loading or unloading.½ of U.S. patients misuse their prescriptions or OTC's (over-the-counter meds)

Many injuries then and now are minor ones such as bruises, scraps, and dings, but, in extreme cases, more serious accidents occur. These can come in the form of broken bones and drowning. Did you know that the average person can drown in less than a half-inch of water?

Injuries can occur from closing doors on your fingers, dropping the laundry basket on your foot, and tripping while carrying dirty clothes. When purchasing a laundry basket, consider its size; a rectangular or oval basket is best because it brings the weight closer to your body than circular ones. These baskets really do minimize the risk of strains and falls.

Light Housekeeping

As we age, our bodies naturally shrink and slowly develop problems. One such problem that plagues seniors is arthritic joints, fingers especially. This can make light housekeeping harder than it needs to be.

Mopping and sweeping the floors can be especially difficult for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Not only does it cause stress on your achy fingers, but it also requires you to be active and move with the mop or broom. By only moving your arms, you risk strained or pulled muscles; moving around the home in this manner can also aggravate injured hips and backs.

Lastly, doing the dishes can become challenging for many reasons. This chore can cause discomfort and even pain for the following reasons:

  • Hunching over a deep sink
  • Meticulous scrubbing
  • Standing for a prolonged time
  • Injuries from dropped plates or cutlery

We’re all guilty of letting dishes pile up due to it being a drag, let alone for those reasons. This is just another reason why you should entrust our staff with aiding you in these tasks, so you can be fresh and ready to tackle the more exciting parts of your day.

Why Choose Assisted Living?

We offer a care plan that is especially suited for you. We want you to have your independence just as much as you do, which is why we come to you. Unlike nursing home care, you will be laying your head at night on your pillow. Live an independent life that is free of obstacles to doing whatever it is you do best.

Looking for the Best In-Home Care for Seniors Palm Beach?

You’ve come to the right place. Our staff takes pride in assisting you to a life of independence. With just a helping hand, you’ll be free to live your best life and ensure you enjoy a happy and healthy retirement.

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