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As we age, dementia and Alzheimer's become real possibilities; after all, age is a key factor. These conditions strip away independence, and professional care is often required. This is why we are among the top-tier nursing agencies in Boca Raton.

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Today, these terms are thrown about interchangeably, causing them to be considered the same. Despite a handful of key differences, dementia and Alzheimer's disease aren't the same. While multiple symptoms resonate in both, one is a syndrome and the other a category.

Alzheimer's is a Disease

Unlike dementia, Alzheimer's is not just a classification for multiple syndromes. This progressive disease is a neurological disorder that affects thinking, behavior, and communicative skills. It does so by atrophying (shrinking) the brain. As it continues to wither away, more cells die in the process. An atrophied brain leads to:

  • Declined thinking
  • Deviant behavior
  • Deterioration of social awareness
  • Wandering
  • Confusion
  • Lost independence

Statistical Facts

There are an estimated 5.8 million citizens above 65 diagnosed with this disease in the United States populous. However, the lion's share of cases affects those older than 75, as only 20% of cases span from ages 65-74.

Dementia is a Classification

In essence, dementia is an umbrella term for various syndromes that include memory loss, thinking impairment, and social inabilities. However, not all memory loss is a precursor to dementia. Here are the symptoms you should watch for:

  • Failure to grasp the right word
  • Spatial, visual, and social awareness impairment
  • Difficulty with reasoning and decision making
  • Lost planning and coordinating abilities
  • Wandering spurred from confusion
  • Easily bothered
  • Mental conditions (depression, anxiety, or paranoia)

Statistical Figures

On average, every three seconds, someone worldwide is diagnosed with dementia; today, there are 50 million diagnosed cases. Unfortunately, after each decade passes, the total number of cases doubles. Based on available medical data, 60% of all cases are found in impoverished and developing countries, and by 2050, they account for over 70%.

How In-Home Care Helps

We have been in the business of maintaining independence in seniors for the last half-century! Our clients over the years have walked in your shoes, felt your emotions, sought us for assistance. We can proudly say that we bring peace of mind to every affected family.

Our team is comprised of certified dementia specialists and caretakers. Our guardians are available 24/7 and offer a wide array of services that we can help you tailor to fit your particular needs. Here is a quick list of some services you may choose from:

  • Social stimulation
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner prep
  • Transport
  • Bathing/dressing assistance
  • Physical activity

We gear these towards allowing seniors to age comfortably in the safety and security of their homes. We don't relegate our services to strictly dementia and Alzheimer's patients, as we are eager to help all who need an ally.

Looking for Superior Nursing Agencies in Boca Raton?

We can be an ally against dementia, Alzheimer's, and the rigors of age. Contact us today for in-home nursing package customization options.

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