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How Do You Deal with The Elderly's Resistance to Care?

May 18, 2022

Home health aide agencies in West Palm Beach are the perfect resource for family members who need help with their aging parents, especially those resistant to care. It can be frustrating to want to help them when they don’t want your help. How do you deal with this kind of situation?

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Dealing with the Elderly’s Resistance to Care

Why Are Your Parents Resistant to Care?

If you find it difficult to persuade your loved ones to receive care, you’re not the only one. To better understand why they are resistant, put yourself in their shoes. For them, accepting help could mean giving up their privacy and independence, and when these are taken away from them, they’ll feel vulnerable and scared, and possibly even angry. It’s also normal for the elderly to feel guilty, thinking that they have now become the family’s burden.

How Do You Convince Them to Receive Care?

The first thing you should do is to assess their mood. Grab the opportunity to talk to them when they are in a good mood, so they won’t shut you down. Be honest with your intentions. Talk openly about their needs and what services are available to cater to those needs. Highlight the benefits of home care services and how their lives can significantly improve if they accept professional care.

And last but not least, don’t give up. Even if you get rejected several times, there’s always a next time. You may want to change your strategy.

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Are You Looking for Home Health Aide Agencies in West Palm Beach?

Don’t lose hope just yet. We can help you. At Aging Allies, we strive to refer you to the best of the best for exceptional services. We have an amazing and dedicated team who will work for you. We offer solutions that will ensure your loved ones will find a caregiver who will fit their needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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