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Is It Safe for Elderly People to Live Alone?

July 4, 2022

If you ask your senior loved ones if it would be okay for them to get senior care in West Palm Beach, almost always, you’ll get rejected. Many seniors assume that senior care will deprive them of their independence.

Keep in mind that older people cling to their independence as much as possible because it makes them happy and gives them a sense of control. So, when their autonomy is threatened, they’ll keep their guards up and say no to your offers without a second thought. You may want to cave in, but it’s essential to know that continuing to live alone may cause problems for the elderly.

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Why Is Living Alone Dangerous for the Elderly?


Did you know that each year more than 25% of people older than 65 years old experience a fall? Over 300,000 seniors are hospitalized due to hip fractures, with about 95% of them being from falls. Doctors also noticed that even if an elderly person experienced a minor fall, the traumatic event can make them fearful of engaging in any activities, making them less active.

Unfortunately, inactivity can make them weaker and make them prone to falls again. When seniors have assistance, their risk of falls is significantly reduced.

Accidental Overdose

Over the years, more and more medications have been added to their list, including supplements, pain killers, and other maintenance meds. As the memory skills of the elderly are slowly declining over time, it’s much easier to forget whether they have already taken their medications.

There is a tendency that they could take them twice or worse, several times a day. Accidental overdose can be dangerous.

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Is Senior Care in West Palm Beach a Good Option?

If no one in the family can commit to becoming full-fledged 24/7 caregivers to your senior loved ones, then you need to discuss the dangers of living alone with the rest of the family. At Aging Allies, we understand that everyone needs a little help. Our trained staff has years of experience in understanding the aging process. We are here to help create a customized plan for your loved ones. Call us today to learn more.

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