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Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?

July 23, 2021

Who Qualifies for Palm Beach County Home Health Care?

You're doing everything you can to help your elderly parents, but there are moments when it's not enough. You're doing everything you can to help your elderly parents, but there are moments when it's not enough. They may require experienced therapists and nurses following a hospitalization. Are you looking for Palm Beach County home health care? We've got you covered.

Home health care refers to a variety of medical and social services provided in the comfort of your own home to treat disease or injury. Who qualifies for home health care?

Home Care Requirements

Skilled Service Needed

You should qualify if you need care at least once every 60 days and up to once a day for up to three weeks if you're intermittent. If you require additional care, this time frame can be extended, but your needs must be predictable and limited.

Skilled care, according to Medicare, is defined as care that must be provided by or under the control of a skilled professional. Physical, speech, and occupational therapy are included in skilled therapy services.

Face-to-Face Encounter

You will need to visit with a doctor in person within 90 days of starting home health care or within 30 days of receiving care for the first time. This could be a visit to the doctor's office, a hospital visit, or, in some instances, a face-to-face meeting aided by technology (such as video conferencing).

Authorization and Care of a Physician

Your doctor needs to sign a home health certification attesting to the fact that you are housebound and require intermittent specialized care. A plan of care for you must be approved by your doctor, and the face-to-face meeting requirement must be met.

Every 60 days, your doctor should evaluate and verify your home health plan. Recertification does not necessitate a face-to-face encounter.

Need Palm Beach County Home Health Care?

If you are in Palm Beach County looking for the perfect home health care, make sure it is a Medicare-certified home health agency. Aging Allies offers the best home health care in Palm Beach County. Contact us today.

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